Occult in birth chart

Welcome, cosmic warriors. I'm Aliza Kelly Faragher, your resident astrologer, and this is Aliza's Allure Astrologya column dedicated to astrology, esotericism, and all things magick. Today, we're getting acquainted with planetary meanings and the basics of birth charts.

The stars offer boundless insight, which these days is frequently presented through horoscopes. Our horoscopes can illuminate our daily experiences and help us recognize how the planets' movements — such as Saturn's transition into Capricorn — trigger massive, life-changing transformation. But let's take a step back: How does this process of interpreting the locations and motions of the planets even work?

What is the definition of a zodiac sign, and how are the signs impacted by the planets? These questions are fundamental to learning the basics of reading your birth chart, which reveals the location of the planets in the sky at the time of your birth. An analysis of this chart, also called a natal chart, can provide deep insight into your personality, motivations, and desires.

Let's take a look at how the art of astrology and the craft of reading birth charts formed, and how you can apply it too. Humans have stargazed since the dawn of time. Over thousands of years, our prehistoric ancestors tracked awesome phenomena such as eclipses and short-range comets, as well as frequent cyclical patterns. Distinctive twinkling star clusters were deemed "constellations," while fixed, celestial bodies were identified as "planets.

This Is How You’ll Die, According To Your Astrological Chart & Zodiac Sign

The ancient Babylonians created the zodiac by dividing the sky into twelve sections, each named after the largest constellation it contained. The zodiac calendar both tracked time and provided predictions: The Babylonians observed that the movement of planets, called transits, corresponded with both auspicious events and misfortunes on earth.

The Romans adopted the zodiac at the dawn of the first century, expanding the roles of the stars and planets through mythology. It was at that intersection of meticulous observation and epic folklore that astrology was born.

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For centuries, astrology was at the heart of science, medicine, philosophy, and magick. The Hermetic axiom "as above, so below" signified the belief that the vast, mysterious macrocosm of the universe reflects the microcosm of humans' experiences. The advent of the telescope and corresponding discovery of the so-called "modern planets" — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto — completed the celestial puzzle.

occult in birth chart

Though the function of astrology has changed it's now more frequently used to gauge romantic compatibility than to predict the fate of the harvesttoday we still observe the planets as the ancient Babylonians did.

Though astrology is a vast, complex, and highly specialized study, the core principles are straightforward: A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth you can calculate yours here.

It reveals the precise location of each of the planets and which constellation they occupied. In some birth charts, all the planets are in the same constellation; in others, they're spread across the sky. The distance between these planets is important since each has its own celestial function. Let's take a look at each significant entity in the sky.

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Occult Astrology : Spirituality in Jaimini Astrology

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occult in birth chart

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Part of Fortune in Houses of the Birth Chart

Your Lucky Numbers.I remember when I first started studying spiritual topics that were different from my traditional religious teachings. I was always drawn to the mysterious and astrology was something that I read about in the Bible. Many verses contradicted themselves and I became confused. When I began reading books about the secret teachings of Jesus and learning the symbols in astrology I remember feeling as if I was doing something wrong.

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There was a small voice inside my head that tried to convince me that studying these things was somehow evil or sinister. I realized for the first time what a powerful influence that my raising and upbringing had on me. I often wondered why I felt this way. It was actually practiced openly in biblical times and evidence shows it was a tool used by the ancient civilizations starting in Babylonia.

It was not created as an occult science because it was never hidden or secret on its own. The Christian Church actually transformed astrology into something that was considered taboo, supernatural and mysterious. Figures like Nostradamus practiced astrology behind the scenes because if they practiced it openly they would be persecuted.

It was a controversial time in human history with the Church fighting to maintain control of the people. Anything that encouraged free thought was considered blasphemy.

Astrologers had to begin practicing behind the scenes, even Christian ones. The Catholic Church actually has the largest astrological library in the world and in the early church astrology was actually accepted by many. Astrologers do not worship the stars and the planets. Most astrologers I know, especially Christian astrologers believe that the energy of the planets impacts life on earth.

They believe that God created the heaven, the sun, moon, and stars as it states in many verses in the Bible. They do not believe astrology is their God and many of them believe only that the energy impacts us here on earth. We know that the Moon affects the tides of the ocean and water sources.

The human body is made up of over 80 percent water and God made our flesh perfect for his plan. When I worked with runaway teens in a youth service program years ago, every time there was a T the teens ran away more frequently. There is even research out there that more people report to the emergency room during, more cars break down on the side of the road and more violence, in general, is reported by law enforcement personnel.

God created the solar system based on his divine plan. In the past, people were persecuted for even suggesting that the earth was round. They were killed for their beliefs. As a Christian, I had to step out of my safety zone and tread rocky territory that was kept secret from me. I remember when I had a vivid dream about a friend of mine.

The next night, the entire dream happened in waking reality just as I had envisioned it in my dream. My friend called me and was crying. He told me that he needed to come over even though it was late at night. When he got out of the car, he walked towards me just as he did in the dream. He had a white t-shirt on and glasses. What stuck out the most were his glasses, I had never seen him wear glasses before.

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If I had to state this experience in one word, it would be symbolic. It was a true, real, and life-transforming experience to me.Have you ever heard of medical astrology and how it can predict your death using your birth chart, horoscope, and zodiac sign? Depending on where you went to church when you were young, you may believe after living life, there's nothing after death.

Astrology, your zodiac sign, your horoscope chart, and the tarot hold a much different message, which may be why organized religion takes a dim view of these occult studies. When we pass away, so the lore goes, we will stand before these older, more enlightened souls to review our lives and decide if we are happy with our choices: whether or not we learned what we came to learn, and grew in the ways we intended.

But, before we undergo that process of deep learning, we have to go through the portal: death, itself. One school of thought tells us that the sign your imum coeli falls in foretells the circumstances of death. The other holds that this information is more readily revealed by the sign the cusp of the eighth house falls in, and the sign the planet Pluto is found in.

This is the imum coeli, the lowest part of the chart. That's why it's associated with Hades and death. Medical astrology is a specialty in the field which tells us that different zodiac signs rule different areas of the body.

Medical astrology is very complicated, but if your eighth house cusp, your IC, or Pluto in your chart fall into one of these signs, a problem in this area of the body may be what does you in. In researching examples, I took note of how many horoscope charts did not obey these theories as I looked them up. In birth chart after birth chart, every single person I looked up did, except in the case where no birth time was noted and the chart was not complete.

With that said, here is how you die, as predicted by medical astrology and based on your horoscope zodiac sign. For individuals who have this sign as their IC, they may find their greatest vulnerabilities are of the head, brain, and face. Aries may be prone to migraine headaches, sinus congestion, and there can even be tumors of the brain. He passed away from brain cancer.

In the chart of Kate Spade, her eighth house cusp is found in Taurus.

occult in birth chart

Most of us remember the shocking news of her self-inflicted death by hanging last year. Reading this description made me think of the Tejano superstar Selena Quintanilla Perez, who bled to death after having been shot in the shoulder by Yolanda Soldivar. I wondered if her Pluto, eighth house cusp, or IC were in Gemini. Selena's IC rests at 27 degrees and 54 minutes Taurus, missing Gemini by about two degrees. But, look at what Taurus rules!

The death aspect of the chart is talking about the same general area of the body. Producer Laura Ziskin passed away from breast cancer. Although breast cancer often arises from the linings of the milk ducts in the breast, Laura's was lobular cancer, arising in the milk gland.

Laura's IC fell in Cancer. Carrie Fisher died from a heart attack and her Pluto sits right on the cusp between the signs of Leo and Virgo. He suffered a heart attack and died two years later from complications of his open-heart surgery. Both his Pluto and his IC reside in Leo.By examining your chart with these in mind you can get a deeper understanding of how you work intuitively.

Generally, you are going to want to pay special attention to how the Moon, Neptune, and Uranus are positioned in your chart. They tell you how you relate to your intuition, or how it is going to naturally be flowing for you. Each of these planets connects our consciousness to the higher dimensions in their own unique way.

Often, these aspects manifest as having raw abilities from birth or a magnetic interest and passion that allows you to develop your intuition during your life. It is true that certain signs stand out more than others when it comes to intuition. Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Cancer come to mind, however, it should be noted that all signs have equal intuitive potential— they simply express it differently.

The most accurate way to analyze your chart is to begin by considering the fact that all signs have their own intuitive filters and their own ways of accessing and expressing source. Emotions are going to be a vehicle for intuition if you have a lot of water in your chart or if the Moon and Neptune are in strong positions. This may make you an empath, which means that you will have the ability to feel and hold the energy of others, not unlike how water holds and reflects energy.

A heavy water influence is also going to make you a natural connector and conductor of spiritual energy.

occult in birth chart

Your life purpose may involve reminding people of how interconnected we all are because the feeling is so visceral. You feel the spirit world all the time, you know the rhythm behind consciousness and are always translating it into art, which is the gentlest way to digest spiritual information.

Mental energy is going to be a strong vein for your intuition if you find yourself with prominent air energy in your chart. You may also find yourself drawn to being a spiritual teacher as communicating and translating spiritual energy may be very natural for you.

Intuitively you are very motivated to understand exactly how things work in metaphysics. You want to be a bridge between the complex multi-dimensions of spirit and the dense, grounded 3D world. Fire energy is going to give you good instincts, as fire is lightening-fast. Fiery individuals are the ones who can sense and work with incredible raw energy of spirit without needing to step it down or transform it.

They will bring forward raw creative ideas, prophetic insights, and have an uncanny ability to inspire and motivate others. Their life purpose may involve innovating new ways to do things, helping others stay motivated and on purpose, and keeping things honest through their strong fiery, purifying energy. As fire is motivated by the feelings of vast, raw energy, it may be easy and natural for you to access cosmic energy through the infinite, openness of space.

You may be comfortable connecting with beings that are not Earth-based, which represent the next level of consciousness. Fire is always pioneering or leading, even when it comes to tapping in psychically.

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If you hold a lot of Earth in your chart, you will likely make a great medium.Apart from the 8th house in astrology being a place of grave robbers, escaped convicts, demons, vampires and wolfmen; the middle watery domain also rules hidden knowledge, opening the doors to many mysteries including — the self.

The term esoteric implies knowledge of the select few and it is exactly where people with planets in this domain feel compelled towards. The 8th house often concerns people who have some mystery and are interested in the supernatural. Though with the 8th house kind of knowledge, it is also deliberately hidden in order to prevent its abuse or degradation, and this was pointed out by C.

Psychology is also thought of as magic as it transforms consciousness and aims at changing the stuff of the unconscious with its emotional toxins polluting our subconscious. Astrology used in conjunction with psychology has had its opponents over time.

The occult science is also believed to obtain the mysteries of life and evolution. The belief for this is that humanity is not ready to understand and those in the know are also forbidden to speak of these mysteries. A Libra explains, there is another reason for this hidden activity and it was due to the persecutions to which those involved were exposed. Most 8th house keywords usually involve occultism, torture, obsessions, abuse and destruction. The tormented eras of superstition and fear that produced the horrific deaths of millions of people judged to be witches.

Wherever Pluto is in the chart the ruler of the 8th house is where our own personal Moira lives. It reminds us eternally of our limits. Pluto rules blockages and immense frustration. Ultimately, getting to the bottom of our personal obstructions is incredibly difficult since it also unknown and operating below the surface.

Self-help books advise us to uncover something in childhood that could be blocking us psychologically: financially, in our relationship, or preventing success. Many times it is encountered as incredibly difficult and exhausting and still nothing appears. The impact of hitting the lowest level is also termed as our lowest point — all time low. Pluto can take us to the bottom of the pit, casting us down to play with our personal demons, throwing us into the depths to meet with our hell hounds.

We are also told to look at issues of self-worth. How deserving we really feel when left alone in the deep unconscious of the Plutonian realm. Moreover, we need to examine those self-defeating unconscious messages underneath that are destroying all future growth. Pluto actually demands that we evolve beyond those limits. These are the ones put in place by the unconscious operating powerfully on the subterranean level.

What changes lives is changing those feelings underneath, and a lot of what limits us is our self-beliefs. Such messages are, almost always, given to us in childhood. To wrap this up, the 8th house involves the power of the unconscious, its transformation, and renewal.Esoteric astrology is a type of natal chart interpretation that is intended to help supplement and support traditional astrological readings of the natal chart by providing a more spiritual look at their life.

An esoteric astrology reading is only valuable to those who are striving to live a more spiritual or ascended lifestyle. For everyone else a traditional astrological reading is quite sufficient. The purpose of esoteric astrology is to reveal the incarnational intention of the soul and how it seeks to express itself for the purpose of service to others. In esoteric astrology the signs remain the same, and in fact their influences are unchanged as well.

Esoteric Astrology – Astrology of the Soul

A Leo will always long to be the center of attention and demand praise in order to feel fulfilled, but esoteric astrology looks deeper than that and seeks to find the ways in which the Leo can use these parts of themselves to help others, to fulfill that purpose of service to others.

The best way to view esoteric themes of the signs is to view them as the purest expressions of the signs.

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An esoteric astrologer will always use the zodiac sign of their client as the basis, looking for the deeper, and fully realized parts to help give spiritual advice. The importance of the sun, moon and ascendant in esoteric astrology are just as important in esoteric astrology as in traditional astrology, however esoteric astrology rearranges the priority of the three and gives them a bit of a redefinition.

In esoteric astrology:. The sun sign indicates the nature of the personality that the soul will use to express itself, however it is always subject to the authority of the soul or the ascendant. Lastly, the moon sign is considered the great enemy of the soul. It expresses the unconscious tendencies of the person that stop the soul from expressing itself in the life of a person.

In order for spiritual growth to occur, the person must transform and shed themselves of the limitations and handicaps of their moon sign. The planetary ruler of a sign is considered to be the energetic representation of the sign and also plays an important role in esoteric astrology and these signs represent the higher qualities of the signs they rule over. There is an ascendant, sun, and moon planetary ruler and each develop a different part of the soul.

The ascendant reveals the conditions for future spiritual development.

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The moon indicates the past and what qualities must be transformed in order to achieve a higher purpose. Finally, esoteric astrology looks at the seven streams of energy known as the Seven Rays.

It is believed that these streams of energy pour into the solar system and affect all life on Earth. Each ray has a different nature and affects a different part of the soul. The seven rays are:. Each of the seven rays comes into the solar system via the signs of the zodiac and is expressed through three signs.

Some signs may only transmit one ray, while other signs may transmit two or three signs. In esoteric astrology the rays reveal the highest qualities that are seeking expression through the sign and use of the rays in interpreting the natal chart is of crucial importance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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